Venezuela: Guaidò, police is in my house

Thu, 31 Jan 2019 19:15:14 +0100

CARACAS, 31 JAN - "At this moment the Faes are in my house, they are looking for Fabiana": with these words Juan Guaidò, the Venezuelan president who took over the powers of the Executive, interrupted a programmatic speech that he was saying at the University of Caracas.
The Faes are the Special Intervention Forces, the elite unit of the Venezuelan police, and Fabiana Rosales is the wife of Guaido. Guaidò left the university to go to his home, accompanied by his wife, who was with him while presenting the Country Plan, the program that prepared the opposition for the future of Venezuela.
It is unclear whether the men of the Faes were looking for Guaido or his wife, or whether she managed to get into their apartment in the Santa Fe neighborhood.
On Twitter, the President of Parliament has warned that he will consider the "citizen Nicolas Maduro" responsible for anything that may happen to his son, who is 20 months old.