Consulates evacuated to Melbourne

Wed, 9 Jan 2019 06:01:07 +0100

SYDNEY, 9 JAN - Some consulates were evacuated to Melbourne, Australia, due to the presence of suspicious packages, one of which was near the Italian consulate: the Guardian reports it without specifying if this consulate is among those who were evacuated .
The British newspaper adds that the situation is now under control. Among the other consulates targeted are the British, American, Turkish and South Korean.
According to the Melbourne newspaper The Age, the consulates that have been evacuated are at least seven. The newspaper adds that suspicious packages may have been sent to 22 consulates.
According to some witnesses, firefighters who wore special protective suits entered the South Korean and Indian consulates. The Afp news agency reports that some embassies in the capital Canberra have also been targeted.