Migrants, Di Maio: «We welcome them to women and children». Salvini: "Enough blackmail, I do not change my mind"

Sat, 5 Jan 2019 11:37:48 +0100

It is a head-on collision in the government between Di Maio and Conte, on the one hand, and Salvini on the other. To light the fuse is the case of the two ships - Sea Watch3 and Penck - that are found with migrants on board in the Maltese waters. The deputy premier Di Maio has offered help: Malta immediately let women and children get off those boats and send them to Italy. We will welcome them. We are ready once again to give, as always, a lesson of humanity to the whole of Europe. This Europe is not like that, we will change it with the next European elections. But children can not pay the price of a Europe that turns away to avoid seeing, he adds. And on Italy's willingness to welcome women and children, there was a phone call between Di Maio and the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte - sources from Palazzo Chigi - to contact Malta. Immediate - and very hard - the reply of the other vice premier, Matteo Salvini: A German ship and a Dutch ship, in Maltese waters. But to welcome it should be Italy once again. Our Italy has already welcomed almost a million people in recent years, our Italy where more than one million children live in conditions of absolute poverty. The trafficking of human beings must be stopped: those who flee the war arrive in Italy by plane, as they do in many, not with the boats. We can send medicines, food and clothes on board, but we need only blackmail. Fewer departures, fewer deaths. I do not change my mind.