Trump, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis leaves office at the Pentagon

Fri, 21 Dec 2018 09:12:15 +0100

It is the heaviest exit, the hardest blow to the international credibility of the Trump presidency. Late yesterday evening, Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned. He will officially leave office by the end of February. This was announced by a very dry letter sent to the President of the United States: Since you have the right to have a Defense Secretary whose visions are better aligned with yours on these and other matters, I think it is right for me to leave the task. I had the privilege of serving this country. I am proud of the progress made in the last two years. On Wednesday, December 19, Trump announced the withdrawal of the two thousand troops deployed in Syria. Mattis had tried to change his mind to the last, explaining that demobilization would leave the field open to the ambitions of Russia and Iran. And that anyway the ISIS could reorganize itself.

He failed to convince Trump and certainly this was the last, the most discovered opportunity for confrontation. In the text of Mattis we read: The United States remains the indispensable nation in the free world, but we can not protect our interests and fulfill this role effectively without keeping strong alliances and showing the respect due to these allies. Here then is the other, irreparable conflict with the White House. Trump has constantly attacked, criticized the historical partners of the United States, that is the European countries of NATO. The news of the resignation was welcomed with great concern to the Congress, both by the Republicans and by the Democrats. Trump tweeted: General Jim Mattis will retire, with honor, at the end of February after serving my administration as a defense secretary for the past two years.